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Random Song & News

Rp Groups

:bulletblue: Update RP Group Character References
:bulletblue: Ranking up assignments for Rainpaw
:bulletblue: Ap/EP/Star Point/ETC Group Art Trackers
:bulletblue: DoD Quests

2017 Caush Assignments((Apologies for the delay, Tribe Caush!))
:bulletpink:Blitz took a deep breath as he stood to speak, knowing that all eyes were now on him, or at least most of them were. “ As we all know a sickness has been running its way through all our tribes, hurting us all in its own way, Caush was no more immune to it than everyone else. We have lost three to sickness, Cheveyo, Kitai, and Gavotte. However ” his face went from sullen and mournful to a more pleasant and happy expression, “ We are not without good news, for while we may have lost three, one of our warriors, Zenon, has given birth to, Khisanii, a healthy young cub. Other than that, the land has fared decently well, we just hope that this sickness has not spread to the prey ” with that he ended his speech, stepping back to make room for the next leader to begin their own.:bulletpink:
Complete! :bulletpink:
Not Complete :bulletwhite:
Herbal Trading
As with the other Tribes, I figured it would be a
2017 Seaven AssignmentsWelcome to our annual assignments! Yes, these are mandatory. Luckily, you only have to do one a year! :D Let's get started.
Seaven is healthy and strong! 
We've gained far more members than lost and continue to encourage activity and working together to keep Seaven in top form!!
:bulletwhite: Not complete
:bulletgreen: Complete!
:bulletorange: - extension
:bulletred: - incomplete
Murky Waters
With some of the spring storms we've been having, the water levels have been rising and the water is difficult to see in. A few trees have fallen over into the water and have started causing some mild flooding in the lower valley areas of the river. Wouldn't be as much of a problem if it wasn't drowning some of the herbs and plants we use in our medicines... We need to clear these away in case we get a large storm and it causes some other kinds of big issues dealing with flooding. If you happen to be able to catch some fish on your way h
2017 Dire Wolves AssignmentsDune was conflicted to say the least. No. To say the most. He sighed and raised a paw quieting his packmates.
"Alright... We have work to do"
:bulletwhite: Not complete
:bulletorange: - Extension
:bulletred:- incomplete
Bad Juju
So I dunno if it was one of you or some passing thing... But a very important trail marker that's been here since before me or any of you were thought of was knocked over. So I'm counting on a few of you to go and fix it otherwise we're facing a whole heap of wrath from above.
Avonaco :bulletwhite:, Carn :bulletwhite:, Hadyn :bulletwhite:
Follow That Fenrir
This is a delicate task. Fenrir got into something and has refused to bathe to remove it. So I need Huyana and Mizu to retrieve him and drown I mean bathe him. He'll listen if its Mizu but just in case he gets crazy Huyana can subdue him. This is a deadly task I place in your paws ladies but I have faith in you.
Huyana :bulletwhite:, Mizu :bulletwh
2017 Everesa AssignmentsTempest scratched her chin staring over the tribe lands. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary but that gave her more cause for concern. She turned back to her tribe mates and smiled sincerely.
"Alright dear ones, business as usual!"
:bulletwhite: Not complete
:bulletgreen: Complete!
:bulletorange: Extension
:bulletred: - Incomplete
The Needs of The 'Sutu
I fear our lands are still quite treacherous after the illness. I will be in counsel with Leader Dune and perhaps Ebisou on pooling collective Water abilities to cleanse the lands. However I do not wish to leave my dears unattended. Lukas, Hesutu and Nero I want you to stay in camp and await my return. There's small chores you can find around to do and perhaps even spar a bit. -le smirk at Lukas-
Lukas :bulletwhite:, Hesutu :bulletwhite:, Nero :bulletwhite:
There Are Good Rocks Here
Koda I heard from travelling birds and loners there is a substantial amount of ore in the nearby mountains. Perhaps take y



:bulletblue: Age and stat art for HHG
:bulletblue: New ref sheet?
:bulletblue: Pet ref updates // written and visual

-Female Squirrel
Folded Ears - Scorpion Tail - Zebra Markings

- 2016 Raffle Otter by TwiliShewolf

September 2016 Contest - Closed {winners tba}Contests
Welcome one and all, you divas and princes, who wish to strut your stuff and show everyone who is the fanciest pet in town!
Contests have two parts.
First – The theme. Creative interpretation of theme, memorability, and use of color in are key here.
Second – Overall Impression/Pose. You will be given a specific pose for your pet to be drawn in. By drawing your pet from different angles and perspectives, you'll show familiarity with your pet, and you’ll also show off its splices and stats for the judges.
Scoring rubric shown here:

:bulletgreen: The same pet must be used for both entries of the contest; the entry of multiple pets per member are not allowed.
:bulletgreen: The pet must have an up-to-date app within the group by the time deadlines happen.
:bulletgreen: A pet may be any age to participate in this contest.
:bulletgreen: Cameos are not allowed in this contest's Theme entry, but are allowed for the Pose.


:bulletblue: Stat and Hunting Art
:bulletblue: Quests
:bulletblue: Storm Event


920/4796 :points:

:bulletblue: Animal References
- White-bellied Nothura (M)
- Pygmy Hippo (F)
- Naked mole-rat (M)
- Red Colobus (M)
:bulletblue: Exhibit Profiles
:bulletblue: Mr. Baggins Vet Picture…
:bulletblue: Release prompts for goblin shark


[Plots, Prompts, Events and Missions (JUN Update)]Are you looking for activities to do during your stay here in Pawket Village? Maybe you want to earn some extra Pawkoins to spend? Then look no further~! Here you will find different activities you and your Pawket can do on a daily or monthly basis.
Pawkets must have a reference sheet in order to participate
in plots, prompts, events and missions.

Current Plot
Can be entered more than once.
Submit entry to the [Plots] folder for credit.

Plot Bonus: +1 LP per Entry
Summer is swiftly approaching Pawket Village and it is getting warmer and warmer. It is time to prepare for staying cool (for those that don't like the hot weather)! Why don't you take your Pawkets down to the beach and have a blast?
Objective: Draw/Write a piece where your Pawket(s) are keeping cool at the beach.Must be worth at least 3 LP (before bonus

New Babe Ref:…

Reito-Ju Stuff
Moriko 020 by Dobu-tsuen


ARPGs TWO - Toko Affiliates



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Oct 22, 2017
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Oct 20, 2017
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Oct 20, 2017
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Oct 20, 2017
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Tokota Trackers and Stuff 2.0My old journal crapped itself. Thank goodness stash was nice for once and saved it.

Passage of the Alpha Tracking - Females

Passage of the Alpha Tracking - Males

Collective Tokota Bounty Tracker

My Genos

@/USERNAME has permission for one full litter slot to LINK
- No inbreeding
- Tag me in the breeding comment & send me a link to the breeding so that I may keep it for records
- Fertility items allowed
- Good luck!
- If the tokota has the Passionate trait you must ask before attempting to use it!

Collective Tokota Bounty Tracker (09/2017)NEW TRACKER HERE!!! (CLICK)
In an effort to stop using so much space in my stash, I decided a separate journal for every one of my tokos was unnecessary. So here's the community one. ^^
Defect Healing / Extremely Rare Trait
Fenrir Fang Measuring Challenge
Admin comment with proof of random event:
Faction: PB
Traits or Companions: (only those that apply, link import)
Link to lease permission: (if tokota is leased)
Link to Random Event JournalRANDOM EVENTS
Collective Tokota Bounty Tracker 2.0Kind of have a scary amount of comments on the old one, so time for a new one!
Collective Tokota Bounty Tracker (09/2017)
Defect Healing / Extremely Rare Trait
Fenrir Fang Measuring Challenge
Admin comment with proof of random event:
Faction: PB
Traits or Companions: (only those that apply, link import)
Link to lease permission: (if tokota is leased)
Link to Random Event JournalRANDOM EVENTS
Tokota Show Career TrackerCE AND OTHER SHOW STUFF HERE Sapphire's Crafting HubCRAFTING LEVEL: 10
Tier 2 Rank Up
Tier 3 Rank Up
Tier 4 Rank Up
Tier 5 Rank Up
Tier 6 Rank Up
Tier 7 Rank Up
Tier 8 Rank Up
Tier 9 Rank Up
Tier 10 Rank Up
All of my revealed recipes can be found here.
TOTAL (50/72)
Tokota Leasing Bounty TrackerOWNER PERMISSIONS

Link to import sheet: Cosette 15800
Nicknames used (literature only): Cosette
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Cosette 15800 Lease Tracker
Relevant Items/Companions/Traits: 
Unable to collect injuries via random event.
-Creature Whisperer
 Increased chance to locate companion animals on an exploration or caving trip.
Defects/Health Issues: N/A

Link to import sheet: Brophy 3074
Nicknames used (literature only): Brophy
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: 
Sapphire's Totem TrackerCurrent Totems:
Bear - Inability to fail a hunt - Earned by Aladdin 8870 - PROOFDeer - Chance to roll up to four items on an expedition - Earned by Tamina WF11 - PROOFRaven - Inability to find trash items while exploring - Earned by Adam 11702 - PROOFWolf - Chance to roll up to four prey pelts on any hunting trip - Earned by Madge 242 - PROOF
Tokota Summer Event 2017 - LogSummer Event 2017

[ Prologue ] - The Forbidden Place
Letter from the TCA & Registration

Prologue Side Quest - Journey to the Tartoks

[ Episode 1 ] - Return to the Tartoks
Main Event - Reaching The Outpost

Side Quest - Aftermath

Collection Quest - Something's out there

[ Episode 2 ]




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