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:bulletblue: Update RP Group Character References
:bulletblue: Ranking up assignments for Rainpaw
:bulletblue: Ap/EP/Star Point/ETC Group Art Trackers
:bulletblue: DoD Quests

SA: Talori Chapter 1- Prelude to Dissention Hawkeye:
A gentle rain fell from the sky as I looked out over my people, all standing with bated breath
as the Divine stepped forward, preparing to open the doors and reveal the sacrifice that would end this year's winter solstice celebration. I nodded briefly as she turned her gaze toward me, a silent signal to continue with the ceremony’s proceedings.
Eve said a few words, all of which had been spoken many times over the course of the Talori's existence. Her strong, regal voice ringing out for all to hear as she prayed, asking our great
sea mother to bless this sacrifice, and the new year. As her prayer came to a
close, the massive temple doors swung open, and two guardians stepped forward,
escorting the winter's sacrifice.
My heart skipped a beat as I stared at the sacrificial pegasi in disbelief. A foal. A filly no older than the child who stood by side as the events unrolled before us.
’Eve....What in Cascade’s name have you done…’ My gaze
SA: Chapter 1 Rules, Rewards, and BonusesHey Starborns!
Team leaders have begun posting (slowly) So be on the lookout for your opportunity to begin posting! <3
The long awaited first chapter is almost ready to go live, and will be officially starting in full swing tomorrow! (In light of us being a bit late, you all receive a gift of 5CS from the gods QuQ.  Just link to this journal on your tracker) You will find your threads here:
Before you head over, there’s just a few things to be aware of!
:bulletblue:Posts must be a minimum of 175 words. There is no maximum, so have fun and let your inspiration fly free!
:bulletblue:No strict order is enforced, but there must be at least two posts between your own character's posts.
:bulletblue: Five posts is the minimum to earn the event AP/CS/FVR rewards. After you've posted five times, you receive 1 AP for every post after!
:bulletblue:Your team



:bulletblue: Age and stat art for HHG
:bulletblue: New ref sheet?
:bulletblue: Pet ref updates // written and visual

Species: Wild Feline
Sex: male
Splices: Bat ears, Pink nose, Bubble Tail, Honey Glaze

HHG: Nest - ThornxTaffy 1 [ 1 LEFT ] by FandomKisses

Add Flower Tail and Forehead Star Marking to Cleo


:bulletblue: Sabati Art


:bulletblue: Stat and Hunting Art
:bulletblue: Quests
:bulletblue: Storm Event


:bulletblue: Animal References
-White-sided Jackrabbit (M)
- Polar/Grizzly Bear Hybrid (M)
- Arctic Wolf (F)
- Iberian Lynx (F)
- Wolverine (F)
- Striped Hyena (F)
- Ethiopian Wolf (F)
- African Leopard (F)
- Steller's Sea Eagle (F)
- Kit Fox (M)
- Maned Wolf (F)
- Bengal Tiger (F)
:bulletblue: Exhibit Profiles
:bulletblue: Mr. Baggins Vet Picture…
:bulletblue: Release prompts for goblin shark



:bulletblue: Monthly Plots and prompts


Reito-Ju Stuff
Moriko 020 by Dobu-tsuen

Avalon 69 by KujaroAdminEdrick 70 by KujaroAdminAndromeda 75 by KujaroAdmin

All in for the Abelona 2633 by SheduMasterDuster 3577B by SheduMaster



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Tokota Trackers and Stuff
Collective Tokota Bounty TrackerIn an effort to stop using so much space in my stash, I decided a separate journal for every one of my tokos was unnecessary. So here's the community one. ^^
Xiao Mei 4084 by TotemSpiritGiselle 5266 by TotemSpiritZahara 4821 by TotemSpiritBatmobile 6139 by TotemSpiritVladimir 2765 by TotemSpiritSydelle 3204 by TotemSpiritOoknaruaq 4306 by TotemSpiritKatarzyna 4919 by TotemSpiritBeyla 5142 by TotemSpiritRoman 4436 by TotemSpiritRafna 6076 by TotemSpiritOberon 6332 by TotemSpiritZrean 6377 by TotemSpiritCaravan 6399 by TotemSpiritFolklore 6300 by TotemSpiritGray 6089 by TotemSpiritNapoleon 6209 by TotemSpiritParis 6806 by TotemSpiritFantasia 6911 by TotemSpiritReign 6998 by TotemSpiritValkor 7035 by TotemSpiritBonny Lass 7205 by TotemSpiritSanaa 5573 by TotemSpirit

Need AoA's (curly roan), also design helpTime limit of 2 weeks, you can use any handler you want!  Doing all three will get you 1 full litter, with one special exception:

Partnership Trait
Claimed by: :dev

Partnership trait
Claimed by: :dev
(SPECIAL COMBO DEAL:  Doing Velvet and Cornelius together in the same rites will win you an additional POTL slot from Cornelius, on top of the regular full slots.)

Honor Trait
Claimed by: :dev

Only needs his RoF and RoK done--there will still be a full litter awarded, but the time limit is cut to 1 week.
Claimed by :dev

Partnership Trait
Claimed by :dev

Wild Trait
Claimed by :dev
Ok now here's the design thing I need help with:
If anyone can transfer this design to average;

I'll love you forever and give you a full li
Barbary slot raffle!RAFFLE TIME!
I told it a long time ago and now I will do it right now! 
I am going to raffle 1 slot to my barbary
(Starmarks & Barbary!) 

This guy
(His AoA's are done and just wait for getting judged!) 
Rules for the slot are:
- You get a FULL LITTER slot
- No Inbreeding!
- No Fertility Supplements
This is an art raffle! 
That means you need to draw one or more of the following Tokotas for getting tickets! 
Note: Draven (the Barbary himself) NEEDS to be placed in every (H/F/E) picture/story! 
Please notice that some of the Tokotas have items and companions!
I will choose a winner randomly out of the entries! 
If there aren't enough entries I will cut the prize down to a half litter with PotL to YOU! 
The raffle will end at january 25th
I will update this journal whenever a Tokota don't need more HP anymore
How to get tickets: 
- +1 Ticket
Christmas Art Raffle-CLOSED-Winners ChosenI rarely do this because not many people participate
In the spirit of Christmas I decided to hold this art raffle so some people have a chance at cool slots
This is an ART raffle. You can draw or write.
1 ticket for Headshot (at least colored) or 400 words (with starter or handler)
2 tickets for Full body (at least colored) or 800 words (with starter or handler)
3 tickets for Fullbody with background (at least colored) or 1200 words (with starter or handler)
LIMIT OF 5 TICKETS PER PERSON to keep things fair
What you should draw:
Ursa 4256  / Ursa 4256 - Summary Journal
Briala 9155 / Briala 9155 - Tracker
HP Raffle for Female Barbary Slot!
Quebec finally has all of her AoAs sorted out, and is waiting for her HP to be confirmed for dominance, so I'm raffling off a slot to celebrate!
This contest will run until the end of February (2/29/16) and everyone is allowed to enter!
One hunting/fishing/exploring image of the tokotas listed below will count as one entry. You may include multiple tokotas in the same image for additional entries, provided that they are entered correctly (ie one hunting image with three of the tokotas listed below will count as three entries, but one exploring image with three tokotas listed below and only one handler will count for one entry- as two of the tokotas pictured are not exploring) 
This should go without saying, but please keep your entries up, even if you do not win the raffle.
Once you have completed your entry, please comment below on the journal! I'll keep an ongoing list and assign you a number, and at the end of February I'll use a RNG t
Design my Barbary get a Slot!Since I am horrible with designing tokotas I am holding a contest for my new Barbary girl I just recently got in my last breeding. :3
I am offering her first slot once she has her AoAs completed after uploaded. ^^
This is my new girl here:
2. Female - Barbary
Submissive - Healthy
marked greying snow roan with accents

For her design I am really wanting her to look as close to her father as possible I seriously love his light colors he looks like silver. ^^
AND for the Accent have it be just like the mothers :3



:Raffle Prize#1: by PrePAWSterousRagnar the  Waterdog by SapphireSquireMYO Sushi Dog - He needs a name! by SapphireSquireAdopt #087 by SoulFoxes

(DTA-OPEN) Frozen Swan SoulFox! by SetSaiI


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