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Tokota Geno Designs
Tokota Geno Design Services (10 Slots Open)
Tokota Designs By Me

Parents: (with links)
Genotype: (Please include the mane type, hierarchy status, and phenotype as well)
Proof: (this would be ideally a breeding comment) 
Any other requests: (eye color, preferences etc. Please be as specific or vague as you like) 
(You're welcome to link examples of what you like, but I will not copy designs)'

Random Song & News

Rp Groups

:bulletblue: Update RP Group Character References
:bulletblue: Ranking up assignments for Rainpaw
:bulletblue: Ap/EP/Star Point/ETC Group Art Trackers
:bulletblue: DoD Quests

2016 Halloween EVENT!EBC's 2016 Halloween Event!
Hello all felines and humans of EBC! We have a special Halloween event whipped up just for you! ;D Original idea of this was thought of by Pedropoliss !
How it works?
We are going to have a total of four weeks starting on the 10th of October, and ending on the 7th of November. Each week there will be a theme, for that week you can draw a image of that theme. For each image you do once for that week only you will get +5 EP bonus, but only once for a image in that weeks theme.
Ex: You draw 2 images on the 4th week theme, you will only get the bonus once. But if you draw another image for the 3rd week theme, will get another bonus! Make sense?
Where to Submit
You may submit to the Halloween Folder when it is that week, with that weeks theme, please do not submit to the week's folde
Starborn Alignment Spoopy Mini-Event 2016 [UPDATE]Starborn Alignment’s First Annual Spoopy Halloween Event
Running October 6th through November 4th
AP Cap Added!
:new:The maximum AP that can be earned by collab participants is set at 25!:new:
We didn't anticipate there being such a large exploit (you sneaky little hobbits) and unfortunately have to adjust to fix it. ;u;
:new: Entries are now due on the 18th!
Hellooooo Starborns! Our ponies may currently be enjoying the mild Spring season as it sweeps across Hireath, but for some reason, the gods have gotten it into their divine heads to throw an all-herds inclusive Halloween themed ball, complete with a Costume Contest, and your characters are all invited! So come join the fun! See if your character can best Cascade at spoopy apple bobbing (we highly doubt it) or carve a more elaborate jack-o-lantern than Argus (again, we doubt it, but come on, we know you want to try! ).
The Prompt:<



Jun 22, 2017
7:42 am
Jun 21, 2017
11:44 pm
Jun 21, 2017
8:45 pm
Jun 21, 2017
8:31 pm
Jun 21, 2017
7:41 pm


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Owed Art Qeue

Mega To-Do ListI started feeling I was forgetting stuff, so I put everything on one list. XD If I owe you something and it's not on here, please remind me. If you know of something I need to do (activity checks, a character reference, a piece of art, etc.) please remind me!
This probably won't be the last time I do this.
For Others
Tokota HP Packs 50% Off (Points and USD)
1 Custom Design for Sacredfire200 
All HHG Pets to Draw - Headshots - Update the list
For Me
TheShatteredWorld - Quests
HighHopeGarden - Flying Lessons with Fenice
Nita Reference Sheet || Tokota Handler || Bio - Tokota Introduction
Hal Ref Sheet || Tokota Handler || Bio


Jahpan -…



Dovebite -… || (3/3) / (3/3) / (3/3) / (3/3) / (3/3) / (3/3) / (3/3) / (3/3) / (3/3)

Alley96 -… || (3/3) / (3/3)

newt-onic -… || (3/3)

actually-a-dog -… || (3/3)

Tallibur -… || (3/3)

KankuranLupus - || (3/3) / (0/3) / (0/3) / (0/3) / (0/3) / (0/3) / (0/3)

Barking-Birds -… || (3/3) / (0/3) / (0/3) / (0/3)

BlueEyes-BlackFur -… || (0/3)

kagetora4ever -… || (0/5) / (17/250)

sealle -… || (0/3)

xFrostfall -… || (0/3)


Tokota Trackers and Stuff 2.0My old journal crapped itself. Thank goodness stash was nice for once and saved it.

Passage of the Alpha Tracking - Females

Passage of the Alpha Tracking - Males

Collective Tokota Bounty Tracker

My Genos

@/USERNAME has permission for one full litter slot to LINK
- No inbreeding
- Tag me in the breeding comment & send me a link to the breeding so that I may keep it for records
- Fertility items allowed
- Good luck!
- If the tokota has the Passionate trait you must ask before attempting to use it!

Collective Tokota Bounty TrackerIn an effort to stop using so much space in my stash, I decided a separate journal for every one of my tokos was unnecessary. So here's the community one. ^^
1x Turtle
1x Beagle
1x Mr. Bubbles
1x Chicken
1x Flint Arrows
1x Headlamp
1x Flexibility Trait
Tokota Show Career TrackerCE AND OTHER SHOW STUFF HERE Sapphire's Crafting HubCRAFTING LEVEL: 10
Tier 2 Rank Up
Tier 3 Rank Up
Tier 4 Rank Up
Tier 5 Rank Up
Tier 6 Rank Up
Tier 7 Rank Up
Tier 8 Rank Up
Tier 9 Rank Up
Tier 10 Rank Up
All of my revealed recipes can be found here.
TOTAL (50/72)
COMMON (16/16)
1) Recipe R
Tokota Leasing Bounty TrackerOWNER PERMISSIONS

Link to import sheet: Cosette 15800
Nicknames used (literature only): Cosette
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Cosette 15800 Lease Tracker
Relevant Items/Companions/Traits: 
Unable to collect injuries via random event.
-Creature Whisperer
 Increased chance to locate companion animals on an exploration or caving trip.
Defects/Health Issues: N/A

Link to import sheet: Brophy 3074
Nicknames used (literature only): Brophy
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: 
Sapphire's Totem TrackerI don't trust stash right now.
Current Totems:
Bear - Inability to fail a hunt - Earned by Aladdin 8870 - PROOFDeer - Chance to roll up to four items on an expedition - Earned by Tamina WF11 - PROOFRaven - Inability to find trash items while exploring - Earned by Adam 11702 - PROOF

Tokota Summer Event 2017 - LogSummer Event 2017

[ Prologue ] - The Forbidden Place
Letter from the TCA & Registration

Prologue Side Quest - Journey to the Tartoks

[ Episode 1 ] - Return to the Tartoks
Main Event - Reaching The Outpost

Side Quest - Aftermath
[Collection Quest] - Something's out there




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